Lake of Steam

March to the Iljack and Hlath

On the way to Iljack we encountered orcs burning down a settlement. We quickly killed the uncouth bastards and saved a young woman and her young daughter.

We delivered the survivors to the town of Mussum, informing the guard of our findings.

Met a Merc on the road, he told us his company is always hiring.

Town of Veernon, there are two tavern’s Joe’s and Jim’s. No violence policy. We go to Joe’s first. It’s a busy tavern, We look for work and find nothing. We stay in a dingy inn.

A dragon comes from the south, bearing a rider, from the south, seemingly form the chondal wood. The dragon bore an armored rider in red robes. It was a white dragon.

At the keep of Simmarlith, there is a big announcement. Announces that more flights of dragons are coming.

We decided to still head towards Hlial, we are attacked by wrog riding gobilns! Lots of critters on the road!


From Orcs

12 sp

from goblins: spider silk, candle, 3 gp, 9sp, small black rock, an amythyst 125gp.

From orc ambush 7 sp, masterwork dagger, greatsword standard,

brigands: potion of sheild of faith, 3sp

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